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Patat 2006

Programme Committee

Edmund Burke [chair] University of Nottingham, UK
Hana Rudová [chair] Masaryk University, Czech Republic
Hesham Alfares King Fahd University, Saudi Arabia
Viktor Bardadym Noveon Inc., Belgium
James Bean University of Michigan, USA
Peter Brucker University of Osnabrück, Germany
Michael Carter University of Toronto, Canada
Peter Cowling University of Bradford, UK
Patrick De Causmaecker KaHo St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium
Kathryn Dowsland Gower Optimal Algorithms Ltd., UK
Andreas Drexl University of Kiel, Germany
Wilhelm Erben FH Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences<, Germany
Jacques A. Ferland University of Montreal, Canada
Michel Gendreau Centre de Recherche sur les Transports, Montréal, Canada
Alain Hertz Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Jeffrey Kingston University of Sydney, Australia
Raymond Kwan University of Leeds, UK
Gilbert Laporte Université de Montréal, Canada
Vahid Lotfi University of Michigan-Flint, USA
Barry McCollum Queen's University and eventMAP Ltd., UK
Amnon Meisels Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Keith Murray Purdue University, USA
Thiruthlall Nepal Durban Institute of Technology, South Africa
Ender Özcan Yeditepe University, Turkey
Ben Paechter Napier University, Edinburgh, UK
Gilles Pesant Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal, Canada
Sanja Petrovic University of Nottingham, UK
Jean-Yves Potvin Université de Montréal, Canada
Celso Ribeiro Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil
Rong Qu University of Nottingham, UK
Andrea Schaerf Università di Udine, Italy
Jan Schreuder University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Jonathan Thompson Cardiff University<, UK
Paolo Toth University of Bologna<, Italy
Michael Trick Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Greet Vanden Berghe KaHo St.-Lieven<, Belgium
Stefan Voss University of Hamburg, Germany
Dominique de Werra EPF-Lausanne, Switzerland
George White University of Ottawa<, Canada
Michael Wright Lancaster University, UK
Jay Yellen Rollins College, USA

Full list of papers

The conference proceedings is available in one PDF file.
Edmund K. Burke and Hana Rudová, editors. PATAT 2006 - Proceedings of The 6th International Conference on the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling. ISBN 80-210-3726-1. Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic, 2006.
A full list of papers in the proceedings is also available.
Plenary Speakers
Physician Scheduling in Emergency Rooms
Michel Gendreau, Jacques Ferland, Bernard Gendron, Noureddine Hail, Brigitte Jaumard, Sophie Lapierre, Gilles Pesant, and Patrick Soriano.
University Timetabling: Bridging the Gap between Research and Practice
Barry McCollum.
Very Large-Scale Neighborhood Search Techniques in Timetabling Problems
Carol Meyers and James B. Orlin.
Measurability and Reproducibility in Timetabling Research: State-of-the-Art and Discussion
Andrea Schaerf and Luca Di Gaspero.
Full papers
A flexible model and a hybrid exact method for integrated employee timetabling and production scheduling
Christian Artigues, Michel Gendreau and Louis-Martin Rousseau.
A Novel Fuzzy Approach to Evaluate the Quality of Examination Timetabling
Hishammuddin Asmuni, Edmund K. Burke, Jonathan M. Garibaldi, and Barry McCollum.
The Teaching Space Allocation Problem with Splitting
Camille Beyrouthy, Edmund K. Burke, J. Dario Landa-Silva, Barry McCollum, Paul McMullan, and Andrew J. Parkes.
An Experimental Study on Hyper-heuristics and Exam Timetabling
Burak Bilgin, Ender Özcan and Emin Erkan Korkmaz.
Timetabling Problems at the TU Eindhoven
John van den Broek, Cor Hurkens, and Gerhard Woeginger.
Strategic Employee Scheduling
Peter Chan Y.C., Michael Hiroux and Georges Weil.
Ant algorithms for the exam timetabling problem
Michael Eley.
The KTS High School Timetabling System
Jeffrey H. Kingston.
Hierarchical Timetable Construction
Jeffrey H. Kingston.
An Approach for Automated Surgery Scheduling
Karl-Heinz Krempels and Andriy Panchenko.
Artificial Immune Algorithms for University Timetabling
Muhammad Rozi Malim, Ahamad Tajudin Khader, and Adli Mustafa.
An Empirical Investigation on Memes, Self-generation and Nurse Rostering
Ender Özcan.
Solving the University Timetabling Problem with Optimized Enrolment of Students by a Parallel Self-adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Radomír Perzina.
An Extensible Modelling Framework for the Examination Timetabling Problem
David Ranson and Samad Ahmadi.
Generating Personnel Schedules in an Industrial Setting Using a Tabu Search Algorithm
Pascal Tellier and George White.
Linear Linkage Encoding in Grouping Problems: Applications on Graph Coloring and Timetabling
Özgür Ülker, Ender Özcan and Emin Erkan Korkmaz.
An Evaluation of Certain Heuristic Optimization Algorithms in Scheduling Medical Doctors and Medical Students
Christine A. White, Emilina Nano, Diem-Hang Nguyen-Ngoc, and George M. White.
Extended abstract
Tackling the university course timetabling problem with an aggregation approach
Mieke Adriaen, Patrick De Causmaecker, Peter Demeester and Greet Vanden Berghe.
An Iterative Re-start Variable Neighbourhood Search for the Examination Timetabling Problem
Masri Ayob, Edmund K. Burke and Graham Kendall.
A Simulated Annealing Hyper-heuristic for University Course Timetabling
Ruibin Bai, Edmund K. Burke, Graham Kendall, Barry McCollum.
A Tiling Approach for Fast Implementation of the Traveling Tournament Problem
Amotz Bar-Noy and Douglas Moody.
Understanding the Role of UFOs Within Space Exploitation
Camille Beyrouthy, Edmund K. Burke, J. Dario Landa-Silva, Barry McCollum, Paul McMullan, and Andrew J. Parkes.
New concepts in neighborhood search for permutation optimization problems
Wojciech Bożejko and Mieczysław Wodecki.
Scheduling Sport Leagues using Branch-and-Price
Dirk Briskorn.
Solving Exam Timetabling Problems with the Flex-Deluge Algorithm
Edmund K. Burke and Yuri Bykov.
Examination Timetabling: A New Formulation
Edmund K. Burke, Barry McCollum, Paul McMullan and Rong Qu.
Progress Control in Variable Neighbourhood Search
Tim Curtois, Laurens Fijn van Draat, Jan-Kees van Ommeren and Gerhard Post.
Scheduling with Soft CLP(FD) Solver
Tomáš Černý, Hana Rudová.
Lecture and Tutorial Timetabling at a Tunisian University
Abdelaziz Dammak, Abdelkarim Elloumi and Hichem Kamoun.
An employee timetabling problem in a maintenance service of a software company
Laure-Emmanuelle Drezet, Deborah Chesnes and Odile Bellenguez-Morineau.
Referee Assignment in Sports Tournaments
Alexandre R. Duarte, Celso C. Ribeiro, and Sebastián Urrutia.
Branch-and-cut for a real-life highly constrained soccer tournament scheduling problem
Guillermo Durán, Thiago F. Noronha, Celso C. Ribeiro, Sebastián Souyris and Andrés Weintraub.
Constructive Algorithms for the Constant Distance Traveling Tournament Problem
Nobutomo Fujiwara, Shinji Imahori, Tomomi Matsui and Ryuhei Miyashiro.
A Study on the Short-Term Prohibition Mechanisms in Tabu Search for Examination Timetabling
Luca Di Gaspero, Marco Chiarandini and Andrea Schaerf.
A Decomposition Approach with Inserted Idle Time Scheduling Subproblems in Group Scheduling
Cumhur A. Gelogullari and Rasaratnam Logendran.
Multi-Site Timetabling
Ruben Gonzalez-Rubio.
Scheduling the Belgian Soccer League
Dries Goossens and Frits C.R. Spieksma.
A Four-phase Approach to a Timetabling Problem in Secondary Schools
Peter de Haan, Ronald Landman, Gerhard Post, and Henri Ruizenaar.
Framework for negotiation in Distributed Nurse Rostering Problems
Stefaan Haspeslagh, Patrick De Causmaecker and Greet Vanden Berghe.
Scheduling Research Grant Proposal Evaluation Meetings
Patrick Healy.
Making good rosters for the security personnel
Han Hoogeveen and Eelko Penninkx.
Timetabling at German Secondary Schools: Tabu Search versus Constraint Programming
Frank Jacobsen, Andreas Bortfeldt and Hermann Gehring.
A Constructive Heuristic for the Travelling Tournament Problem
Graham Kendall, Wim Miserez and Greet Vanden Berghe.
Computational Complexity Issues in University Interview Timetabling
Yuuki Kiyonari, Eiji Miyano and Shuichi Miyazaki.
Local Search Heuristics for the Teacher/Class Timetabling Problem
Yuri Kochetov, Polina Obuhovskaya and Mikhail Paschenko.
Time windows and constraint boundaries for public transport scheduling
Ignacio Laplagne, Raymond S K Kwan and Ann S K Kwan.
Minimizing the Carry-Over Effects Value in a Round-Robin Tournament
Ryuhei Miyashiro and Tomomi Matsui.
A Constraint Logic Programming Based Approach to the International Timetabling Competition
Patrick Pleass, Mark Wallace and Mauro Bampo.
Solving Timetabling Problems by Hybridizing Genetic Algorithms and Tabu Search
Malek Rahoual and Rachid Saad.
Dynamically Configured λ-opt Heuristics for Bus Scheduling
Prapa Rattadilok and Raymond S K Kwan.
A Dispatching Tool for Railway Transportation
Pascal Rebreyend.
Scheduling the Brazilian Soccer Championship
Celso C. Ribeiro and Sebastián Urrutia.
Scheduling school meetings
Franca Rinaldi and Paolo Serafini.
Modelling and Solving the Italian Examination Timetabling Problem using Tabu Search
Andrea Zampieri and Andrea Schaerf.
Optimality aspects with assigning of Magistrates to Sessions and Teams of the Amsterdam Criminal Court
Jan Schreuder.
Multi-Calendar Appointment Scheduling: Calendar Modeling and Constraint Reasoning
Stephanie Spranger and François Bry.
How to solve a timetabling problem by negotiation
Marie-Hélène Verrons and Philippe Mathieu.
Experiments with a form of double iterated search for use on hard combinatorial problems with many objectives
Mike B. Wright.
System Demonstrations
Optime: Integrating Research Expertise with Institutional Requirements
Edmund K. Burke, Graham Kendall, Barry McCollum, Paul McMullan, Jim Newall.
Personnel Scheduling in HARMONY
Laurens Fijn van Draat, Gerhard Post, Bart Veltman.
SWOPS (Shift Work Optimized Planning and Scheduling)
Dagan Gilat, Ariel Landau, Amnon Ribak, Yossi Shiloach, Segev Wasserkrug.
Dialog-Based Intelligent Operation Theatre Scheduler
Karl-Heinz Krempels, Andriy Panchenko.
Process Plan Optimization using a Genetic Algorithm
Fabian Märki, Manfred Vogel, Martin Fischer.
THOR: A Tool for School Timetabling
Fernando Melício, João P. Caldeira, Agostinho Rosa.
Automated System for University Timetabling
Keith Murray, Tomáš Müller.
An Integrated Framework for Distributed Timetabling
Peter Wilke.

Selected Papers

Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling VI
Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 3867, 2006
ISBN: 9978-3-540-77344-3