This conference was held in Gent, Belgium (21-23 Aug 2002).

Programme Committee

Edmund Burke [co-chair] University of Nottingham, UK
Patrick De Causmaecker [co-chair] KaHo St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium
Victor Bardadym Lernout & Hauspie Speech Products NV, Belgium
Patrice Boizumault École des Mines de Nantes, France
Peter Brucker University of Osnabruck, Germany
Michael Carter University of Toronto, Canada
Dave Corne University of Reading, UK
Peter Cowling University of Bradford, UK
Andrew Cumming Napier University, UK
Patrick De Causmaecker KaHo St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium
Kathryn Dowsland University of Wales - Swansea, UK
Wilhelm Erben FH Konstanz - University of Applied Sciences, Germany
Jacques Ferland University of Montreal, Canada
Emma Hart Napier University, UK
Alain Hertz EPFL, Switzerland
Martin Henz National University of Singapore, Singapore
Jeffrey Kingston University of Sydney, Audtralia
Gilbert Laporte Universite de Montreal, Canada
Vahid Lotfi University of Michigan-Flint, USA
Michael Magazine University of Cincinnati, USA
Amnon Meisels Ben-Gurion University, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Thiruthlall Nepal ML Sultan Technikon, Durban, South Africa
James Newall University of Nottingham, UK
Ben Paechter Napier University, UK
Sanja Petrovic University of Nottingham, UK
Peter Ross University of Edinburgh, UK
Andrea Schaerf Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy
Jan Schreuder University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Wolfgang Slany Technische Universitaet Wien, Austria
Jonathan Thompson University of Wales Swansea, UK
Michael Trick Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA
Dominique de Werra EPF-Lausanne, Switzerland
George White University of Ottawa, Canada
Michael Wright Lancaster University, UK
Jay Yellen Rollins College, Orlando, USA
Masazumi Yoshikawa NEC Corporation, Tokyo, Japan

Organising Committee

Patrick De Causmaecker [chair] KaHo St.-Lieven, Gent, Belgium
Greet Vanden Berghe

Full list of papers

PATAT 2002: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference of the Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling
[Volume I | Volume II]

Edmund K. Burke
Patrick De Causmaecker

The Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling IV

Volume I
Plenary Speakers
Cats and Rats
D. de Werra, Lausanne, Switzerland.
Integer and Constraint Programming Approaches for Round Robin Tournament Scheduling
M. Trick, Pittsburgh, USA.
Theory and practice of the shift design problem
W. Slany, Vienna, Austria.
University Course Timetabling
Interactive Timetabling: Concepts, Techniques, and Practical Results (full paper)
T. Muller, R. Bartak
University Course Timetabling with Soft Constraints (full paper)
H. Rudova, K. Murray
Knowledge Discovery in a Hyper-Heuristic for Course Timetabling Using Case-Based Reasoning (full paper)
E.K. Burke, B.L. MacCarthy, S. Petrovic, R. Qu
Timetabling using a Steady State Genetic Algorithm (abstract)
E. Ozcan, A. Alkan
Timetabling for further Educational Institutions using Constraint Logic Programming (abstract)
D. Matzke
Functional Model of the Timetable Problem (abstract)
V.G. Abramov, T.V. Granchak
New tools for solving dynamic timetabling problems (abstract)
A. Elkhyari, C. Guéret, N. Jussien
A local search for the timetabling problem (abstract)
O. Rossi-Doria, C. Blum, J. Knowles, M. Sampels, K. Socha, B. Paechter
A GA evolving instructions for a timetable builder (abstract)
C. Blum, S. Correia, M. Dorigo, B. Paechter, O. Rossi-Doria, M. Snoek
A comparison of the performance of different metaheuristics on the timetabling problem (abstract)
O. Rossi-Doria, M. Sampels, M. Birattari, M. Chiarandini, M. Dorigo, L.M. Gambardella, J. Knowles, M. Manfrin, M. Mastrolilli, B. Paechter, L. Paquete, T. Stützle
Multi-Neighbourhood Local Search for Course Timetabling (abstract)
L. Di Gaspero, A. Schaerf
Is Genetic Programming a Sensible Research Direction for Timetabling? (abstract)
E.K. Burke, S. Gustafson, G. Kendall
Addressing the Availability-Based Laboratory/Tutorial Timetabling Problem with Heuristics and Metaheuristics (abstract)
D.W. Corne, J. Kingston
School Timetabling
Generalizing Bipartite Edge Colouring to Solve Real Instances of the Timetabling Problem (abstract)
D. Abraham, J.H. Kingston
An Average Case Approximation bound for Course Scheduling by Greedy Bipartite Matching (abstract)
G. Lewandowski, P. Ojha, J. Rizzo, A. Walker
Timetabling with no.8 Fencing Wire (abstract)
J. Baumfield, B. Graves, B. Pawson
A timetabling system for the german "Gymnasium" (abstract)
M. Löhnertz
Search Strategy for Constraint-Based Class-Teacher Timetabling (full paper)
W. Legierski
School Timetabling for Compact Student and Teacher Schedules (abstract)
T. Birbas, S. Daskalaki, E. Housos
Solving Real Class/Teacher Timetabling Problems Using Neural Networks (abstract)
M. Paulo dos Santos Carrasco, M. Vaz Pato
Medical Employee Timetabling
Personnel Scheduling in Laboratories using IPS (abstract)
P. Franses, G. Post
Subproblem-centric algorithms for the nurse scheduling problem (abstract)
A. Ikegami, A. Niwa
Scheduling Agents - Distributed Employee Timetabling (DETP) (abstract)
A. Meisels, E. Kaplansky
Storing and Adapting repair experiences in personnel rostering (abstract)
S. Petrovic, G.R. Beddoe, G. Vanden Berghe
Relaxation of Coverage Constraints in Hospital Personnel Rostering (full paper)
P. De Causmaecker, G. Vanden Berghe
Scheduling Doctors for Clinical Training Unit Rounds Using Tabu Optimization (abstract)
C.A White, G.M. White
Volume II
General Employee Timetabling
Efficient Generation of Cyclic Schedules (abstract)
R. Hope
Practical Timetabling
Agent Technology for Timetabling (abstract)
P. De Causmaecker, P. Demeester, Y. Lu, G. Vanden Berghe
A General View on Timetabling Problems (abstract)
M. Gröbner, P. Wilke
Possible Models for Timetabling at Tertiary Institutions (full paper)
T. Nepal, M.I. Ally
Using Web Standards for timetabling (full paper)
P. De Causmaecker, P. Demeester, Y. Lu, G. Vanden Berghe
A Survey and Case study of Practical Examination Timetabling Problems (abstract)
P. Cowling, G. Kendall, N.M. Hussin
A Review of Existing Interfaces of Automated Examination and Lecture Scheduling Systems (abstract)
B. McCollum, S. Ahmadi, E.K. Burke, R. Barone, P. Cheng, P. Cowling
Integrating human abilities and automated systems for timetabling: a competition using STARK and HuSSH Representations at the PATAT 2002 Conference (full paper)
S.Ahmadi, R. Barone, E.K. Burke, P. Cheng, P. Cowling, B. McCollum
Whose fault is it anyway? (abstract)
R.C. Rankin
A Design Pattern: "Test Conditions" which could be used in timetable construction software (abstract)
R. Gonzales Rubio, Y. Syam
Timetabling at the University of Sheffield, UK - an incremental approach to timetable development (abstract)
S. Geller
Educational Timetabling - Experience, Practice and Improvements (abstract)
B.R. Doughty, D. Whigham
Creating a new university timetable containing mixed structure types with (new) software (abstract)
T.D.W. Jooste
Complexity Isuues
Flow formulations for the Student Scheduling Problem (full paper)
E. Cheng, S. Kruk, M. Lipman
A Generalized Class-Teacher Model for Some Timetabling Problems (abstract)
A. Asratian, D. de Werra
Sport Timetabling
Characterizing Feasible Pattern Sets with Minimum Number of Breaks (abstract)
R. Miyashiro, H. Iwasaki, T. Matsui
A Generate-and-Test Heuristic Inspired by Ant Colony Optimization for the Traveling Tournament Problem (abstract)
H. Crauwels, D. Van Oudheusden
Generating Fair and Attractive Football Timetables (abstract)
T. Bartsch, A. Drexl, S. Kröger
Solving the Traveling Tournament Problem: A Combined Integer Programming and Constraint Programming Approach (full paper)
K. Easton, G. Nemhauser, M.A. Trick
Solving Sports Scheduling Problems Using Network Structure (abstract)
A. Suzuka, Y. Saruwatari, A. Yoshise
Examination Timetabling
Enhancing Timetable Solutions with Local Search Methods (full paper)
E.K. Burke, J. P. Newall
A Hybrid Algorithm for the Examination Timetabling Problem (full paper)
L.T.G. Merlot, N. Boland , B. D. Hughes, P.J. Stuckey
A Broker Algorithm for Timetabling Problem (full paper)
S.L.M. Lin
An Evolutionary Approach for the Examination Timetabling Problems (full paper)
K. Sheibani
Examination Timetabling with Ants (abstract)
K.A. Dowsland, N. Pugh, J. Thompson
GRASPing the Examination Scheduling Problem (abstract)
S. Casey, J. Thompson
Recolour, Shake and Kick: a recipe for the Examination Timetabling Problem (abstract)
L. Di Gaspero
A Case Based Heuristic Selection investigation of Hill Climbing, Simulated Annealing and Tabu Search for Exam Timetabling Problems (abstract)
E.K. Burke, A. Eckersley, B. McCollum, S. Petrovic, R. Qu
A Multiobjective Optimisation Technique for Exam Timetabling Problems Based on the Defined Trajectory (abstract)
S. Petrovic, Y. Bykov
Empirical Analysis of Tabu Search for the Lexicographic Optimization of the Examination Timetabling Problem (abstract)
L. Paquete, T. Stützle
A Hybrid Grouping Genetic Algorithm for Timetabling of Conference Programs (full paper)
Y. Mori, M. Tanaka
Decision support without magic or mind reading for assigning magistrates to sessions of the Amsterdam Criminal Court (abstract)
J.A.M. Schreuder
The cost of flexibility in vehicle routing and scheduling (abstract)
W. Dullaert, B. Johannessen, O. Bräysy, T. Dahl

Selected Papers

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 2740, 2003
ISBN: 978-3-540-40699-0 (Print) 978-3-540-45157-0 (Online)