This conference was held in Edinburgh, UK (29 Aug-1 Sep 1995).

Programme Committee

Edmund Burke [co-chair] University of Nottingham, UK
Peter Ross [co-chair] University of Edinburgh, UK
Victor Bardadym George Soros Foundation, Ukraine
Patrice Boizumault École des Mines de Nantes, France
Michael Carter University of Toronto, Canada
Dave Corne University of Reading, UK
Andrew Cumming Napier University, UK
Marco Dorigo Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium
Wilhelm Erben Fachhochschule Konstanz, Germany
Alain Hertz EPFL, Switzerland
Hideto Ikeda Ritsumeikan University, Japan
Jeff Kingston University of Sydney, Australia
Fumio Kitagawa Okayama University of Science, Japan
Gilbert Laporte Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales, Montreal, Canada
Henri Luchian Al I Cuza University of Iasi, Romania
Ben Paechter Napier University, UK
Jan Schreuder University of Twente, The Netherlands
Dennis Spuck University of Houston Clear Lake, USA
Jonathan Thompson University of Wales Swansea, UK
Rupert Weare Hoskyns Group plc, UK
Dominique de Werra EPFL, Switzerland
George M White University of Ottawa, Canada
Anthony Wren University of Leeds, UK

Organising Committee

Ben Paechter [chair] Napier University, UK
Edmund Burke University of Nottingham, UK
Dave Corne University of Reading, UK
Amanda Coulter Napier University, UK
Andrew Cumming Napier University, UK
Denis Edgar-Nevill Napier University, UK
Kirk Jackson University of nottingham, UK
Peter Ross University of Edinburgh, UK
Guiti Saberi Napier University, UK
Rupert Weare Hoskyns Group plc, UK

Full list of papers

The Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling I
Edmund K. Burke, Dave Corne, Ben Paechter and Peter Ross (editors)

Some Combined Models for Course Scheduling
D. de Werra (Invited Paper)
A Genetic Algorithm solving a Weekly Course-Timetabling Problem
Wilhelm Erben and Jügen Keppler
School Timetabling System: SECTA
Hideto Ikeda, Fumio Kitagawa and Nakajima
Memetic Timetabling in Practice
R.C. Rankin
Spatial Reasoning for Timetabling: The Timetabler System
F.P. Coenen, B. Beattie, T.J.M. Bench-Capon, M.J.R. Shave and B.M. Diaz
Peckish Initialisation Strategies for Evolutionary Timetabling
Dave Corne and Peter Ross
Investigations of a Constraint Logic Programming Approach to University Timetabling
Czarina Cheng, Le Kang, Norrus Leung and George M. White
Automated Time Table Generation Using Multiple Context Reasoning with Truth Maintenance
Vevek Ram and Chris Scogings
School Timetabling: A knowledge-based approach
Ahamad Tajudin Khader and John T. Buchanan
Interactive Improvement of Examination Schedules
Dr. Anton W. Colijn and Colin Layfield
A Constraint Programming Library Dedicated to Timetabling
Dr. Alain Dresse
A Program for Constructing High School Timetables
Tim B. Cooper and Jeffrey H. Kingston
General Cooling Schedules for a Simulated Annealing Based Timetabling System
Jonathan Thompson and Kathryn A. Dowsland
Timetabling in an Integrated Abductive and Constraint Logic Programming Framework
A.C. Kakas and A. Michael
How to decompose constrained course scheduling problems into easier assignment type subproblems
Vincent Robert and Alain Hertz
Recent Developments in Practical Examination Timetabling
Michael W. Carter and Gilbert Laporte
A Smart Genetic Algorithm for University Timetabling
David C. Rich
Interactive bi-level course faculty assignment
Jean-Michel Thizy
A simulated Annealing with tabu list algorithm for the school timetable problem
F. Carmusciano and D. De Luca Cardillo
Syllabus Plus: A state-of-the-art planning and scheduling system for Universities and Colleges
Dr. Geoffrey Forster
Computer-Aided School And University Timetabling: The New Wave
Victor a. Bardadym (Invited Paper)
The Phase Transition Niche for Evolutionary Algorithms in Timetabling
Peter Ross, Dave Corne and Hugo Terashima
Using Oz for College Time Tabling
Martin Henz and Jorg Wurtz
Conflict Reduction in Examination Schedules
Dr. Anton W. Colijn and Colin Layfield
Timetabling in Dutch Secondary Schools: the Problem and the Strategy to Tackle it
Jsn A.M. Schreuder and Adrie J. Visscher
Local Search Techniques for High School Timetabling
Andrea Schaerf and Marco Schaerf
An Interactive Computer Aided Design System to Build the General Timetables of a University
Jean Paul Boufflet, Ramzi Benouaghram and Geneviève Bouflet
GA-Based Examination Scheduling Experience At Middle East Technical University
Ayhan Ergül
Complete University Modular Timetabling using Constraint Logic Programming
Gyuri Lajos
Three methods used to solve an examination timetable problem
Jean Paul Boufflet and Stéphane Negre
Building University timetables using Constraint Logic Programming
Christelle Guéret, Narendra Jussien, Patrice Boizumault and Christian Prins
Roster Scheduling at an Air Cargo Terminal: A Tabu Search Approach
H.W. Chan and Julian Sheung
Examination Timetabling in British universities - A Survey
Edmund Burke, Dave Elliman, Peter Ford and Rupert Weare
Fine-tuning a Genetic Algorithm for the General Timetable Problem
H. Luchian, C. Ungureanasu, B. Paechter and M. Petriuc
University Timetabling at the Blackboard
Rory Macdonald
Extensions to a Memetic Timetabling System
Ben Paechter, Andrew Cumming, Michael G. Norman and Henri Luchian
Nationwide scheduling of examinations: lessons from experience
Michael Pilegaard Hansen, Vagn Lauersen and René Victor Valqui Vidal
Scheduling, Timetabling and Rostering - a special relationship?
Anthony Wren (Invited Paper)
A Memetic Algorithm for Univesity Exam Timetabling
Edmund K. Burke, James P. Newall and Rupert F. Weare
Employee Timetabling Constraint Networks and Knowledge-based Rules: A Mixed Approach
Dr. Amnon Meisels, Ehud Gudes and Gadi Solotorevsky
The Complexity of Timetable Construction Problems
Tim B. Cooper and Jeffrey H. Kingston
GET: an interactive timetabling system using CIM concepts
Christian Bérard and Jacques Grislain

Selected Papers

Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 1153, 1996
ISBN: 978-3-540-61794-5 (Print) 978-3-540-70682-3 (Online)